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Air Conditioning Well Screen The a/c well

belongs of the air conditioning system, which is mainly set to carry out the web traffic of the vertical air duct of the air conditioning as well as send out the air conditioning air to the marked setting with the vertical air duct. In order to exchange heat with water, the a/c well is generally dug more than 100 meters underground, deeper than the general pipeline. Where the city requires hot air as well as cool air, air conditioning wells are often needed, so it is not uncommon in the city. The wedge cord display cooling well screen created by our business is particularly designed for water source heatpump system, which is used for water consumption and also reinjection of water source warm pump well. Attributes of Our Air Conditioning Well Screen
Pipe High opening price. The opening price of this product is even more than 25%. High opening price can minimize water seepage speed and also water resistance, not just enhance the result of water consumption and reinjection, yet additionally save energy consumption of pumping and reinjection. The space is not simple to block. The space framework is slim outdoors and also large inside, and the void will certainly not be obstructed by sand and also stone. The life span of a/c well is prolonged. The pipeline body bears a huge stress. There is no weld externally of this product.
Compared to other welded pipelines, it has
greater capacity to bear pressure. Good sand control effect. The space control of the product is accurate and also the mistake is small. It can efficiently
avoid the outer filter product and sand from entering the well, and also minimize the loss of the water pump devices. Practical for building and construction. Compared to the bridge kind blossom tube and also cement tube, the item has the benefits of light weight, hassle-free well running, as well as much less risk as well as various other unsafe aspects triggered by construction. Different materials. The product of the pipeline body consists of carbon steel galvanizing, carbon steel plastic spraying and also stainless-steel.
The excellent material makes the blossom tube as well as the filter material never ever stick, properly guaranteeing the lasting water permeability. Geothermal Well Screen Geothermal sources are an important renewable energy, successfully drawing out the geothermal resources we require from

the ground is the main subject
of geothermal workers' research study. I am recognized that our Johnson display( wedge cable screen) water well display items have been efficiently used in geothermal well extracting jobs
. Geothermal Well Water Well Screen Pipe Type Frequently used Johnson water well screen pipelines in geothermal wells mostly include perforated water well screen pipe, slotted water well display pipe, outsourcing screen water well display pipeline, wedge wire screen water well screen pipeline, etc. The opening diameter of the perforated well display pipe is normally between 10-20 mm, which has no sand control feature. The slotted well screen pipeline and the external filter pipe
are easy to be obstructed in situation of silty fine sand. Usual wedge cable screen tube is simple to be deteriorated and harmed.
Our business has actually developed a kind of wedge wire sand control well screen pipe with good purification, anti
blocking barring as well as resistance. Wedge cable water well screen Framework: Base pipe, fine filter layer, rugged filter layer as well as side circulation outer protective cover. It can understand the double functions of anti connecting and also erosion resistance of the filter pipe, so as to

extend the life process of the geothermal well and also reduce the cost. The protective layer is a tubular steel safety sleeve, and the outer surface of the safety sleeve is given with an attire and also dense rectangular side flow groove, as well as the diameter of the side flow groove is larger
than the diameter of the crude filter layer. The fine filtering system layer is a filtering screen, as well as the filtering screen is tubularly twisted around the external surface area of the base pipe. The crude filter layer is a wedge wire screen (Johnson screen ), as well as the wedge cord filter screen is tubular covered on the external surface area of the filter screen. The wire mesh of the wedge wire filter has a trapezoidal framework, which makes it self-cleaning. Advantage Continual slotting structure, big opening area can satisfy the needs of high liquid quantity and also high flow price, so regarding
prevent being pierced. It lowers the connecting of shale to screen pipe in clastic rock geology.

A multistage
sand obstacle is created to avoid sand manufacturing. By including the outer safety layer, the formation damage of the traditional wedge wire water well screen pipe in the process of running in the well is stayed clear of.
The external protective sleeve embraces the side circulation punching framework to protect against the straight erosion of the filter layer by the sand bearing liquid, hence recognizing the double objective of anti blocking and also anti erosion of the filter pipe.
Extending the life cycle of geothermal well, reducing the cost as well as improving the growth benefit of geothermal well What is geothermal well. It is one of the most crucial engineering step to take geothermal resources.
It is a really complex job procedure to mine hundreds or thousands of meters down to the ground via exploration job, to get power, to transfer it to the ground
, and and also use various different resourcesSources We use some clinical and technological ways to detect the depth, books, nature, flow, setting as well as generation of geothermal water sources, providing first-hand details for geothermal exploration. Throughout the exploitation of geothermal resources, we require to create some pertinent administration techniques.

The wedge cable display air conditioning well display produced by our business is specifically developed for water source warm pump system, which is utilized for water consumption as well as reinjection of water source warmth pump well. I am recognized that our Johnson screen( wedge cable screen) water well screen products have been effectively used in geothermal well mining tasks
. Generally made use of Johnson water well screen pipes in geothermal wells primarily include perforated water well screen pipeline, slotted water well display pipe, contracting out screen water well screen pipeline, wedge wire display water well screen pipeline, etc. The slotted well screen pipeline as well as the exterior filter pipe
are easy to be blocked obstructed case situation silty fine great. Our company has actually created a kind of wedge wire sand control well display pipeline with excellent purification, anti
blocking and and also resistance.

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